Selfie of the Artist in her natural habitat... a bookstore/cafe!


About kb:

Katharine Betteridge claims to be many things:

  • A UX Designer
  • An artist (digital, oil, and egg tempera)
  • A career strategist (for the tech & startup industry)
  • A student (once of academia, now of life)
  • Not a great speller (apologies in advance for the typos!)

She's also previously identified herself as a:

  • A technical recruiter (5+ years, most recently with Amazon/AWS)
  •  An IT Support Professional (8+ years, in college and in high school)
  • A volunteer organic farmer (ok, so that one lasted about a week)

So you can understand why these days, when pressed, she describes herself as a Digital Renaissance Woman.

She currently splits her time between NYC & Boston.